Tuesday, May 31, 2011

When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Monster comforts me. But this is driving me nuts!!

OK, I would normally not blog to blogs so close together (blog) but I have a burning question for everyone who doesn't read my blog.  These days one of the very few sources of joy for me is shaking my ass to my new Lady Gaga album.  Here's the thing though.  Regarding her song "Scheiße" she claims, via Twitter (or Facebook because fuck twitter, I don't roll like that yo!) that:

"I went to a dirty party in Berlin, and wrote SHEIßE the next day. It's about wanting to be bad without permission. "

OK so then I Googled it and for the first time since I searched for albino porn (stop judging me, it was to prove a point!!  Shut up!) I found that Google was unable to help me.  Apparently I'm the only person on the entire internet who doesn't know WTF a "dirty party" is or at least cares enough to ask.  Seriously, how can THE INTERNET not know?  This seems like the exact kind of thing the internet should be able to tell me dammit!!  So if you know a German (from Berlin preferably) and you chance upon this post, I beg you, put me out of my misery.  WTF is a dirty party????  Surely SOMEONE ON THE INTERNET MUST KNOW??!!

(But even with cruise control you still need to steer...)

UPDATE (05/06/2011):
Gumby suggested that a "dirty party" is the same thing as a "poo party".  No beer for you!  I'm currently rejecting that notion for the following very good reasons:

  1. That answer came from The Urban Dictionary which as a source of reliable information is about 1/16th as credible as Yahoo Answers.  I should note that UD didn't even have an entry for "dirty party", it was a redirect.
  2. Eeeuww!!!  No seriously, that's just too disgusting to be a real thing! (This reason courtesy of the last vestige of my innocence not yet destroyed by exposure to the interwebs)
  3. It may be a stereotype but I'm not ready to give up on my mental image of Germans as neat, clean, well organized people.  I mean ffs, they have a problem with dudes peeing while standing!
  4. Scheisse/Shit is used as an exclamation in the song, not as a noun as in "I, I wish I could be strong without the scheiße, yeah"
So then, until I see some hard proof showing otherwise I refuse to accept that a "dirty party" is the same thing as the UD definition of a "poo party".  Because seriously, eeeeeuwww!!!

UPDATE (17/06/2011):

Did some more online detective work and found another clue.  In this interview she gave the following background info to the song:

"This song I wrote right after I left Berlin. I went to the Laboratory club the night before, I had some fun with my friends then the next day I wrote 'Scheiße'. I meant it like 'shit, it's good.' But I also meant it the other way; because this song is really about wanting to be a strong female without all the bullshit that comes along with. Anything that gets in your way from being brave. It's not the only word I know, I just like that word. It's sexy."

I then googled the Laboratory Club in Berlin and while I still don't have a definition for a "dirty party" I'm also no longer sure I want one!  The Laboratory is a Gay sex club and from the sound of it, things get pretty wild in there!  Here is a sample review:

"LABORATORY is THE sex-club of the moment. Settled in the basement of a former electric power station, it has a huge and really hot labyrinth. You must get in at the indicated hours, then doors close and the party begins : all-naked on Thursdays, Fuck on Fridays,etc. Changing calendar to be consulted on their website.

Facilities and services
Video room
Fetish (leather, latex...)"

Kinda reminds me of this time someone described Freddy Mercury's birthday parties as the kind of thing you went to hell to for attending.  On second thought, I'm actually more curious than ever now!

Anyway, I also found these photos of Lady Gaga partying at the Laboratory.  Note that she doesn't appear to be covered in literal shit so unless you have pictures showing otherwise I'm still not listening to any scat party suggestions!


GumbyTheCat said...


"Dirty party" doesn't have an Urban Dictionary entry, but UD's search box linked to the above entry instead. Since "Scheiße" means "shit", it seems reasonable.

You owe me a beer.

Eugene said...

No, I already knew what Scheisse means, that was never unclear. It's the whole "dirty party" thing that I'm trying to noodle!

Also I really feel like I should explain the Albino porn thing since that just looks bad in the sober light of dawn! If you are familiar with the Rules of the Internet, you may know about Rule 34 - "If it exists then there is porn of it". I just wanted to disprove it and found that while there are a LOT of people online interested in albino porn, no such thing actually exist (or at least not at the time I last looked).

Not sure if that makes it better, I still feel like I owe the melanin deficient community an apology...

Eugene said...

Oops, I missed the link you posted. I'm going to choose to not believe that "dirty party" and "poo party" are synonymous until I find really solid evidence.

I feel dirty for even just reading that!