Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Joy of Being Listened To

OK so maybe blogging when I'm halfway through a bottle of 10 year old white wine isn't such a good idea but then, neither was opening a bottle of white wine from 1997.  Clearly this is was never going to be night of good decision making.

Here's the thing.  I finally got my very own copy of Rob Bell's book "Love Wins".  Hardcover and everything, because I'm just classy that way.  I'm about half way through it and as usual when reading Bell I'm pretty depressed because I realize that I'm never ever ever ever going to be that good.  I know 65% of the Christian world disagrees with me on this but the man is an exceptional writer.  The kind I wish I could be.  But anyway, I'm digressing, probably because my playlist just went from Metallica to Tanita Tikaram.  I really ought to make less random playlists.

Anyway, here's the thing.  I just read an atheist blogger's review of "Love Wins".  Go ahead and check it out, it's reasonably spoiler free and far more positive than you would have probably expected.  One thing in particular struck me in that review.  Ahh, finally some Lady Gaga, my playlist loves me!  Where was I?  Oh, right the surprisingly positive review.  The Uncredible Halq said:

"Aside from agreeing with much of Bell’s message, I also enjoyed his book’s style. It reads like it was written by a preacher, in the best possible way. It reads like it was written by someone who’s made a living out of speaking to people week after week, and been very successful at it. It also reads like it was written by someone who’s used being listened to. Too often, I think, atheists get used to having people not listen, so we put too much energy into arguing with people who will never change their mind. Bell, though, just makes his points and doesn’t worry that some won’t agree."

OK, that last part.  That's what I'm talking about.  He talks like someone who is used to being listened to.


I wish I could do that.  Thing is I'm not used to being listened to at all!  I think that explains my blogging style.  Feels like a lot of it is me second guessing myself and arguing against my own point.  That's what people do when they are used to being ignored.  It blows.  Chunks.  Big ones.  Also why do I have 2Unlimited on my playlist??  What is wrong with me????

OK, listening to The Cure now, world is better.  Anyway I guess I don't really have a point.  I only wish that I could talk like someone who is used to being listened to, like someone who could just make a statement and people can take it or leave it.  I sometimes wish this blog could just reflect all the fucks I don't give, you know what I mean?

God bless spellchecker!!  No more red lines so I'm pressing "publish"!


GumbyTheCat said...

I always listen to you, Eugene. Even when you're smashed on white wine.

I honestly can't remember how I first found your blog but I have always regarded your blog-voice as one of my favorites.

Patricia said...

I heard you and I know the feeling of not being listened to...so I spent time writing for other folks to deliver, who were listened, my words.

A friend sent me your post today...I linked through because I am working on setting up a professional listening business...I am technically unskilled so it is taking me time..

I wish people would pay me what I am worth...we all have wishes...maybe that is why we take action?

Have not read Bell...you have intrigued my exploration and spell checker. thank you

I can't drink any more...is it ok I commented?

Eugene said...

@Gumby I know you do and I really appreciate that. That's why you got your own post a ways back! As I recall we met on a comment thread at "Answers in Genesis BUSTED!".

@Patricia Hello and welcome! I welcome all human comments regardless of sobriety. (I will welcome robots only when they start leaving thoughtful comments instead of random statements followed by a spam link) I'm sorry this was your first impression of me (because those are lasting), I swear I'm usually very sober!

I'm curious though, what is a professional listening business? Is that like spying? Do you work for Homeland Security? Because let me just say I love the US so much it hurts! I have the blogs to prove it!!

You should really check out Rob Bell, he annoys fundamentalists for all the right reasons