Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ray Comfort loves dead babies and money

Let's say you found a way to end crime and violence forever.  Doesn't require years of training or weapons or equipment.  Instead you've found some magic words that if you say it to any criminal they will immediately abandon their unlawful conduct and walk the straight and narrow for the rest of their lives.  Again, it takes no training, once you know what the words are you can turn anyone away from a life of crime in a matter of seconds.

Or what if you knew a way to end drug addiction, any addiction to any drug in fact.  Again, all you need are some magical words, so no clinics, no medicine, no detox or anything like it.  You say these words to a junkie and they will never touch drugs ever again.  What if you were an animal rights activist and you learned some a magical argument that is guaranteed to turn the most dedicated meat lover into a vegan immediately?  What if you were a pacifist who found a simple argument that will cause someone to never hurt another human being ever again?

What would you do?  Think about that for a second.

Now I don't have any strong opinions on abortion but I know that conservative Christians most certainly are very strongly Pro-Life.  So what if you were a conservative Christian and you actually found a near magical argument against abortion, much like what I've described in the hypotheticals above?  That would be the best thing ever right?  Well turns out that someone did just that.  Here is Ray Comfort, (sort of) showing his magical words:

Amazing right?  It's exactly as I described: no training and no equipment needed, just a few magical words and a Pro-Choice person becomes a Pro-Lifer for life.  Best of all, it takes but seconds.

So back to my question.  You are passionate about a cause.  You find an argument that works like actual magic that anyone can learn to use in a minute and can then go on and apply in under a minute.  What do you do?  Well I know what I would do if for instance I could stop say crime and violence like that.  I would post it on youtube, email all my friends, blog about it and then just sit back and watch the internet machine turn it viral.  It would take me less than an hour to get the word out and internet being what it is, word would spread like wildfire.  Within weeks the world would be a completely different place.  Within a month or so, crime would be something you only rad about in history books.  Sure I could hold out on people and ask them to pay me first but why would I do that?  Millions of lives would be lost while I wait to get my beak wet!  That would kind of make me a sociopathic dick, now wouldn't it?  Plenty of time to make myself some money after I saved the world after all!  But maybe that's just me.  Here is what Ray Comfort did:

See he has this magical argument and he will tell you what it is.  For free!  Eventually.  First, he would like some donations to market the thing.  Marketing, really?  Why is that needed at all?  If this magical argument works as advertised he just needs to put it on youtube and notify some churches and Pro-life ministries.  Just from word of mouth (which is free btw) every Pro-Lifer in the country would know how to convince every Pro-Choicer they encounter into a fellow abortion abolitionist.  Sure, Way of the Master wouldn't make a lot of money out of it but think of all the babies!  They plan to launch the movie in 26 days from now.  According to the CDC, about 800 000 abortions happen every year so that means about 60 000 babies will be aborted in the waiting period!  The US - if not the world - could be Pro-Life in 26 days if this gets out!  Why wait?  Why have a whole documentary if a 30 second argument is all you need?  And why ask for money for a marketing appeal when you have a product that is bound to go viral all by itself?

I could be wrong but it kind of seems as if Mr Comfort and/or his argument may not be what you call "good".


GumbyTheCat said...

The commenters on Pharyngula were having a good old time with this. Banana Man's world-changing argument has to do with Hitler, or something. Standard tedious stuff if so. Ray's just showing that he is all about self-promotion, as always. Sometimes I wonder if there are actually any of these so-called True Christians I keep hearing about. If narrow is the way, a lot of these Christers are in for a big surprise at their judgment...

Eugene said...

I have to wonder if Ray Comfort isn't secretly an Atheist that decided to get rich by conning gullible believers! His arguments are so laughably bad I find it hard to believe he could think they were good. In fact the way he is marketing this 180 movie is doing a lot to convince me that he knows his magical argument is total horseshit. He's starting to look more and more like a deliberate con man.

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