Sunday, June 12, 2011

Strange New Godview: Jedi Jesus

Today's entry into the pantheon of new and exciting ways Christians are looking at God stands out from the rest of the pack.  Just about all the Godviews I can think of, both ancient and modern, tend to have one thing in common - they all regard God as a Person of some kind.  So while some may think Him a good and gentle Shepherd while others see him as the blood soaked God of War, they all see Him as a Him, not an It.  Not so much with this next one.  Check out the Godview of this pastor:

Did you notice that his God wasn't so much a person as it was a mystical force to be harnessed?  Now I'm pretty sure if you actually asked Pastor Deluca here (I didn't, so guessing here) he would of course deny my inference and insist that he does consider God a person.  Thing is, actions speak louder than words and this is not how you act if you think your God is a person.  No, this is how you act if you're in a Star Wars movie.

Hear me out, let's say that instead of a Person, your God was more of a Force that surrounded and permeated the universe, keeping it all together.  Now if you had the right midi-chlorian count anointing, you could manipulate and control this Force and use it to do magic tricks!  Why you'd be able to use it from everything from mild brainwashing to knocking people over at a distance.  With enough training you could even fashion it into Force lightning Glory Grenades and cause excruciating pain the giggles!

This form of Christianity-as-ritual-magic may seem weird to some but it is practiced fairly widely in the Ultra-Charismatic sects of Christianity.  I could tell you about some of the things I've seen these Jedi Christians attempt but you'll just think I'm making things up.  Some things are so unbelievable that you really ought to see it for yourself.

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