Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Modesty vs Lust

A while ago I wrote a post objecting to the idea that men are unable to control themselves and that women are therefore the ones who had to assume the responsibility and help men not "sin" by desiring them sexually.  Now my post was about as clumsy and coherent as the previous sentence so here is a much simplified version.

Right, in Christian circles, this idea that women have the responsibility to prevent men from lusting after them is called "modesty".  One Christian website defines it as:

"Modesty involves not doing or wearing anything that would cause our brother to stumble. It includes not causing our sisters to be envious. It involves not doing anything to attract attention to ourselves, elicit admiration, or the approval of the ungodly. It includes the way we walk, talk, and our body language. It includes not only our clothes, but our hair, our nails, our faces, our shoes, our accessories, everything about our appearance. Since our appearance displays our character to the world, modesty ensures that our witness glorifies God, not self. "

This modesty doctrine is kind of a big deal in Evangelical Christianity.  It's recommended that you start training your girl child as soon as possible.  For instance, one Modesty Ministry named "Pure Freedom" offers these fun tests your daughter can do to make sure she doesn't look like a little slut.  Which is important because men are unrestrained sex fiends and can't help themselves at all.  Therefore it is up to the ladies to make sure that the men have nothing to trigger their uncontrollable lust and dressing modestly fixes that completely.

Which is bullshit.  Why is it bullshit?  Well I can try and explain it again or I can just show you one picture that blows that entire line of reasoning right out of the water:

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If a man wants to lust it doesn't matter if you're in a burka or a bikini, he's going to go ahead and lust.  Women are not in control of that and they are sure as hell not responsible for a man's self control (or lack thereof).

That is all.


Rebecca said...

Ok, after reading through your blog I think you are doing what your father the devil tells you to do. You are turning everything upside down, you call evil good and good evil (like calling satanic Lady Gaga holy and a Nazarite), you paint a very unbalanced view on purpose, for example concerning modesty.

I have never heard a teaching about modesty that does not place responsibility on both sexes, but you chose to compare Christians to radical Muslims. Since you can express yourself very well I don't think this happens because you are stupid. I am sure you are intelligent. You are deceiving on purpose and at the same time you are being terribly deceived. The devil has obviously blinded your eyes. So sad.

I don't think you were ever a true Christian who believed with all his heart. You hate Gods word and you did not have the Holy Spirit to open it up for you this is why you don't understand it. You were never born again. Because born again people are sealed and persevere to the end.

You could be striving to understand Gods Word correctly, like I did, and yes, it is a journey through a thick jungle of heresies and plain stupidity, it takes a lot of study and effort, but instead you are mocking Christians.

Where is the love you like to talk about so much? I don't see any love, kindness, forgiveness or humility from you. So perhaps you are not in the position to judge Christians for not being loving enough.

Are Christians not loving enough? For sure. But we are not going to heaven because we are good, we are going to heaven because Jesus was good and we lean on His victory over sin and death. Frankly, I don't expect anything from my christian sisters and brothers, all my expectations are fixed on Jesus. Have I been treated unjust in the church? Oh yes. But that does not stop me from loving the church that Jesus has died for, how imperfect it may be. It is the only church we have. These are the children of God with whom I will spend eternity. And in the meantime we are commanded "to bear with one another". (Col 3, 13). Not an easy job, pretty exhausting sometimes. But we are to die to ourselves. We are to become LESS! Not expressing ourselves to the maximum like Lady Gaga. That is why your comparison totally stinks. Lady Gaga dies for nobody else. She does not try to cut parts of her selfish ego back to serve another human being. She serves only herself and mammon and satan. And she does not glorify the Creator!

It is one thing to call out heresy and to ask heretics like Benny Hinn to repentance, it is an entire different thing to mock all of Christianity.

In the midst of the congregation you have been like Judas has been in the group of Jesus desciples. A traitor. But we all know how Judas life ended.

Anonymous said...

Literature on Apostasy from the Gospel: http://www.monergism.com/directory/link_category/Assurance/Apostasy/

On discernment: http://www.fightingforthefaith.com/