Tuesday, May 1, 2012

If AIDS is from God then God hates blacks

Recently the professional liar for Jesus David Barton took some time out from his busy schedule of lying about US history to educate us about HIV/AIDS.  See, he figured out why it's so hard to fight the disease and why we haven't been able to cure it.  In a recent broadcast, Barton said the following:

"There's a passage that I love in Romans 1 - I don't love what the topic is - but it talks about homosexuality and it says that they will receive in their bodies the penalties of their behavior. And the Bible again, it's right every time, and studies keep proving that and that's why AIDS has been something they haven't discovered a cure for or a vaccine for, because it's the fastest self-mutating virus known to mankind. Every time they just about get a vaccine discovered for it, it transmutes into something new and they have to start over again. And that goes to what God says, hey you're going to bear in your body the consequences of this homosexual behavior."

See? It's been God all along!  AIDS is the Hammer of God and David just LOVES that God is smiting all those dirty sodomites with it! 

OK then Mr Barton, let's see where your train of thought takes us, shall we? 

So according to you (and to be fair, a lot of other Christians), AIDS is a punishment sent by God, right?  So let's look at who God is punishing then.  According to the most recent statistics I could find:

An estimated 34 million people worldwide are living with HIV/AIDS
About 22.9 million of those (68%) live in my part of the world, Sub-Saharan Africa.
Of those 22.9 million sufferers more than half are women (12,100,000) and children (2,300,000)
See here's the thing, AIDS hasn't been a "gay disease" for a while now.  These days, AIDS is mostly a killer of women.  Black women to be specific.  Even in the USA, HIV and AIDS is far more prevalent in the Black/African-American community:
 "Of the total number of people living with an HIV diagnosis in 2008 in the 40 U.S. states and 5 dependent areas, 46% were black/African American,..."
"Among women diagnosed with AIDS in 2009, 78% of black/African American women, 75% of Hispanic/Latino women and 68% of white women became infected through heterosexual contact."

So Mr Barton, will you be willing to stick to your guns?  Are you willing to admit that by your own reasoning God isn't punishing homosexuals, He is punishing black people.  Especially women.  If you truly believe what you said about AIDS, you should have no problem going on air to tell the world that your God despises black women.  You have no problem with your God being homophobic after all, surely you would defend His racism as strongly?


Ali said...

Well, we all know God hates them evil homos! That's why he's punishing... heterosexual women? But he must hate homos, because of earthquakes! No wait, that doesn't work either.

Eugene said...

Well obviously earthquakes happen because of people making pacts with the devil and worshiping false gods! Just like hurricanes happen because of foreign policy that doesn't favour Israel. Now terrorist attacks, that is totally because of the godless sodomites. Somehow...

GumbyTheCat said...

If I thought that the god I worshiped made plagues and earthquakes to punish groups of people, I would think that god was evil. If I thought that the god I worshiped made plagues and earthquakes to punish groups of people, but those disasters struck pretty much everyone but the target, I would think that god was both evil and incompetent.

Think, Christians, think! Go bast the brainless condemnation and think about the ramifications of what you're saying!

It's funny how the same people who think God uses natural disasters to punish people scoff at the notion of a religion which would sacrifice a virgin to a volcano to avert natural disasters.

Christian math: Insane idea + Jesus = perfectly rational idea.