Wednesday, February 1, 2012

If you can have anything, why do you have nothing?

The previous advertisement for magical services I posted was going to be the last one, I swear, but these things are just so amazing I have to share it again!

Isn't that amaaaaaaaaaaaazing?  I have to admit, I am confounded as to how Africa ever got colonized when the indigenous population had access to such INCREDIBLE MAGICAL POWERS!!!

Also, why am I not living in an Utopian paradise where everyone is rich and happy and has incredibly satisfying sex all the time and no one is evil?  If these things worked, that should be the case right?

Seriously, how are these people still in business?  How obviously wrong do you have to be before people stop giving you money?


GumbyTheCat said...

Eugene, when are you going to realize that science doesn't know everything? LOL.

"Women who cannot ejaculate during sex"?

Um, I'm ain't not no biology Einstein, but isn't the term "ejaculation" used solely in relation to men? If so, I most definitely do not want a woman who ejaculates during sex! That would be, well, gay!

Eugene said...

Well Gumby you could always google that and find out but I take no responsibility for what you may find if you did!

GumbyTheCat said...

Actually I did, and there is no scientific evidence that "female ejaculation" actually exists. Speaking as a non-virgin, I have not seen any evidence of it either. Hmmm, maybe I'm doing it wrong.

Dear Penthouse Forum,

S.M. Elliott said...

There is female ejaculation, if porn starlets can be believed, but it's not something too many women would want to do. Now eliminating evil sounds, on the other hand, that could come in handy (if evil sounds include televangelists and neighbours blasting Top 40 music).

Eugene said...

Well if it's in porn then it must be true because obviously porn is a totally accurate portrayal of normal sexuality!

@SM Elliot - yeah if only there was a magical way to get annoying neighbours to shut up (that wasn't illegal)...