Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Unimpressed Martyrs

If there is one thing I'm consistently irked by it's the Persecution Envy of modern Western Christians.  They live in a world where they have more religious freedom than at just about any time in history and yet you wouldn't know that just by listening to them.  Somehow this privileged group considers itself the most persecuted group in the world.  They keep finding more and more ridiculous reasons to feel "persecuted".  Schools teaching evolution is not persecution.  Someone calling you a bigot because you said gays were abominations that will destroy civilization as we know it is not persecuting you.  Neither is someone who doesn't agree with your view that everything will be perfect if only we got rid of democracy and got a Christian Theocracy instead.

How did we come to a point where criticism = persecution?  That's an insult to everyone who has ever been ACTUALLY persecuted - for instance the countless Christians who were robbed, beaten, tortured and killed for their faith through the ages.  Two thousand years ago persecuted Christians had to face lions, now they just have to face facts!

So I decided to create some LOLart (based on the "Unimpressed" meme) to illustrate just how ludicrous and pathetic the faux-persecution complex of the modern Christian is.

So maybe lay off the hyperbole and whining and be grateful for just how great you have it?


GumbyTheCat said...

Funny thing is, I've been somewhat actively involved in the feminism blog wars taking place this past year in the atheist/skeptic blogospheres. I see the EXACT SAME whiny fax-persecution techniques being utilized by a small but very screechy percentage of American feminists. Here in America, women not only have it better than they've ever had it, but they have more equality and government-protected rights than the women of just about every country in history. They are privileged more than ever, yet to hear them shriek, they are constantly being repressed by the misogynists they see everywhere. Men are all misogynistic rape apologists or worse. The new wave of radfeminism is utterly disgusting. All they do is infantilize all women by insisting that they are perpetual victims of persecution.

Eugene said...

Careful Gumby, you're dangerously close to pulling a "Dear Muslima" here. I haven't been following the whole FTB kerfuffle very closely but what I did read I enjoyed - and I got a lot of food for thought. I'm glad people are having this conversation and yes I'm sure there are people on both sides getting hysterical and hyperbolic but that doesn't invalidate the entire conversation. Just like with racism, while there may be lots of legal protection it doesn't mean sexism goes away. It just gets more sneaky. This kind of under the radar misogyny isn't going to go away by itself.

All I'm saying is that I've learned a lot by listening to what feminist side had to say for itself. It challenged some of my preconceived notions and that's always an experience I value. Not saying there aren't a lot of crazy people in this debate, just that not everyone here is being crazy.

BabyRaptor said...


Let go of your privilege and think about it for a minute. When was the last time your right to control your own body was taken out of your hands due to other peoples' religion? When was the last time a man had to worry about their insurance covering their reproductive care, again because of someone elses' personal beliefs? When did men ever worry about losing their jobs because someone else thinks that they should be at home raising kids? When did men collectively make less for the same work women did? When do men get scapegoated for something a woman did because of how he dressed? When was the last time you got terrorized by protesters just for seeking medical care?

I'm not saying that Feminists are perfect. We're not. We have our share of crazies, just like every other group does. I'm saying that we have some valid points. We may have it better off now than we did before, but what we have is slowly being eroded in the name of christianity.

If they were your rights under fire, you'd be just as loud as we are now.