Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Born This Day!

Happy Birthday Lady Gaga!

On March 28, 1986, she who would become the last of the Nazirites was born.  Can you believe she's only 26?  She seems older somehow...  Halfway through her twenties and she's already conquered the world.

Anyway, so what do you give someone like her on her birthday?  I know we aren't friends and only psychotic fans (which I'm not, just FYI) pretend that they actually know their idols.  Kind of wish I was gay right now because I would totally come out on her birthday as a tribute if I could!  Oh well, guess that's not really an option.  Plan B - as far as I know, the only thing she loves nearly as much as the gays are her adoring fans.   So for her birthday I will try and win her some more fans.  Or at the very least turn some nominal fans into adoring fans. 

Once upon a time, I thought of Lady Gaga as a pop star with some catchy songs.  Here is one of the performances that opened my eyes to the fact that she was sooo much more.  When she sat down at that piano in that ridiculous dress made of orbiting rings and started playing it was transcendent and amazing!  Anyone can do a medley of their hits, but that freestyle busking bit about her life growing up in NYC was something else entirely.  Show me another major pop star that could do this, if you can.  In this performance she just shocked me with her talent.  I could never look at her as "just another pop star" again.   

Lady Gaga - LoveGame, Bad Romance, Poker Face... by wonderful-life1989

That was just sweet and beautiful and weird and ridiculous and astounding. That was a pretty fun episode of SNL for Lady Gaga btw.  She not only gave that amazing performance, she also got to wrestle Madonna and tried to make out with Andy Samberg while both of them were wearing bubble dresses.  She also dropped a s-bomb on live TV when she performed Paparazzi.  I actually really like this version, it's just a few tiny changes but it makes a difference.  Also she looked flipping fantastic performing it!

Lady Gaga PAPARAZZI Saturday Night Live by Jenokya

Well it's not much, but it's all I got.  Happy Birthday Lady Gaga.  Mag jy jou drome oorleef.


GumbyTheCat said...

Did you happen to look at your Sitemeter page recently? On March 20 you got 673 hits! Dayum! Do you know what that was about?

Eugene said...

Yes! The Slacktivist linked to my Romania post. Got over a thousand hits in the space of 2 days. It was awesome!

GumbyTheCat said...

Found it. One commenter said the following:

"Most of these links are either saddening or rage-inducing, but I have to admit I am deriving some joy from imagining all the fans of Left Behind being informed that the GOP is taking its cues on reproductive rights from a communist Romanian politician named Nicolae.


Nice job Eugene!