Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kickin' the Bucket List

The problem with writing a blog about my Bucket List is that I've never actually written up a Bucket List.  To be honest, my current 5 year plan is "Don't die".  Yet, my trip to the US did offer me the opportunity to do some things I've always wanted to do so I have decided to retroactively put these things on the Bucket List I never created.

Snow glorious snow
Yes, I know that it's terribly cliche to be the little African boy who delights in seeing snow for the first time but dammit, I loved experiencing snow for the first time.  In fact, I wrote an entire blog about the joy of snow.  I'm proud to report that even though I was out in a blizzard today I totally still  snow!!
If you can read that then you already know that no, you are not.

Well you can't come to Nevada and not gamble at least a little!  I had never played poker against another human before so joining a home game, coming in 3rd and winning $5 was a great experience.  I don't think playing Texas Hold 'em on my phone will ever be good enough again.  It's been the weirdest thing, I've had exceptionally good fortune throughout this trip.  I've never won a lucky draw or a raffle in my life and yet here I won a $25 restaurant voucher at the Reno Wine Walk! How awesome is that?!  Apparently in America I'm a winner!

Pissing on the Germans
Once long ago I blogged about Pastor Steve and his hatred for German men too wussified to pee standing upright.  Turns out he wasn't talking crazy for once, ze Germans really do have a major bug up their asses about men standing up to pee. Now much as I hate agreeing with Pastor Steve on anything, I knew that I just had to pee standing up in Germany if the opportunity ever presented itself.  Since I flew to the US via Frankfurt I had my chance and I utilized it fully! 
Yes that is a real German bathroom sticker.

The Doubledown
My trip to the US of A has been one great culinary adventure.  In America the portions are as huge as they are deliciously bad for your arteries.  I believe the KFC doubledown sandwich personifies the wonderful madness that is American food and I would have created a Bucket List just so I could put this magical chicken creation on it!
America! Fuck Yeah!!


Plucky said...

You crack me up . . . I loved your picture headings . . .

GumbyTheCat said...

I like what you've done with your nails in the KFC picture.

Happy New Year my friend!

GumbyTheCat said...

By the way, when I ran "cooler as ekke" through the Google translator, it translated as "cooler than components".

*scratches head*

Eugene said...

Happy New Year to you too Gumby!

I guess Google translator is no match for South African Multi-lingual slang terms! It actually reads "Cooler than I am" and is from a song by Romantic Afrikaans Superstar rapper Jack Parow (you can find it on youtube though I doubt it would mean much to you!) where he asks the question - "Do you think you're cooler than I am?"

Belated props to RandomSue for playing hand model in the KFC!